Sony UWP-D11 無線電麥克風套組 公司貨 現貨 K14頻道 4G不干擾

網路價 $18325
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The UWP-D11 belt-pack wireless microphone package with Sony Hybrid Digital Processing offers the sound quality of digital audio processing combined with the reliability of analogue FM modulation. The package includes the UTX-B03 belt-pack transmitter and URX-P03 portable receiver. Also included is a high quality omni-directional lavalier microphone and a range of accessories including windscreen, microphone holder clip, belt-clip and shoe-mount adaptor. The UWP-D11 package offers wide frequency coverage with up to 72 MHz bandwidth* across a wide range of channels, with a choice of four models to choose from. Easy-to-use features include a large display and small size receiver to fit neatly on any size camcorder or DSLR camera, automatic channel setting function, headphone output, USB connection for power supply and availability. The UWP-D Series system provides superb transient response performance for all ENG / EFP production applications.

* UWP-D11/K42 operates at 56 MHz bandwidth.


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